Increase Service Lane Profitability

Increase Service Department Profitability

We all know the important role the Service Department plays in dealership profitability. If the Service Department can deliver 100% absorption, then every vehicle that moves out of the front of the store goes right to the bottom line. 


Customer Retention = Profit 

The eAdvisor system will automatically print out the exact maintenance needed for your customers’ vehicles at their current mileage every time they come in for service. And, it will happen consistently for every customer, every time.

Affordable Installation

We’ve worked hard to ensure eAdvisor is affordable. Our system is easy, non disruptive, and  integrates directly with your dealer management system with no integration fees. eAdvisor adjusts to your needs and is flexible enough to grow as your dealership does. 

Advisors shouldn’t be clerks or order takers

Advisors need to present and sell the services needed by your customers during their visit. Empower them with industry leading selling tools found in the eAdvisor system. 100% Fixed Ops absorption is possible, and it starts with implementing Service Lane eAdvisor.

Facts about Increasing Maintenance Sales:

  • Maintenance labor inventory is abundant and highly profitable when correctly sold
  • Maintenance parts are always in stock
  • Maintenance labor and parts can be turned far more often than anything else you carry
  • Maintenance sales increases technician productivity – very important in today’s world of technician scarcity
  • Technicians always welcome additional maintenance work
Increase Service Lane Profitability