Improve Dealership Customer Experience

Improve your Service CSI scores

The customer experience is critical to the continued profitability of your service department and reflected in your CSI scores. The eAdvisor system implements a technology-driven process that makes it easy for your advisors to achieve the best CSI scores. 

Build Customer Trust and Dealer Retention

Customers are lead through a thorough step-by-step greeting and write-up process that is easy for every your advisor to execute with every check-in. A consistently-correct process performed with every customer makes achieving high CSI scores simple. High CSI scores are a byproduct of the process. Higher hours/RO are a nice side benefit, too.

Improve Dealership Customer Experience
Improve Dealership Customer Experience

Create a Better Customer Experience

Advisors no longer feel rushed during the greeting process, because eAdvisor is collecting the needed vehicle information. This frees up advisors to engage customers, to understand their primary concerns and to build trust and rapport. This pays dividends when presenting upsell opportunities to the customer.

The Intelligent Walk-Around Process

We are firm believers in the upon-arrival inspection during the check-in process. It yields many benefits from finding damage the customer was unaware of, to building trust and showing you care, to helping identify needed services. eAdvisor takes the walk-around to the next level with our Intelligent Walk-Around Process. The eAdvisor scan tool illuminates all the exterior vehicle lights, setting the stage for a dynamic, engaging inspection.

Improve Dealership Customer Experience

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