Improve Repair Order Speed and Efficiency

Improve Repair Order Speed and Efficiency

The eAdvisor system streamlines the entire write-up process by retrieving accurate vehicle data including VIN, Odo, Oil Life, DTCs, Tire Pressures and Fuel Percent. Maintenance, Vehicle and other upsell opportunity reports auto-print in under 10 seconds

Reports include: 

  •     OEM specific vehicle reports including VIS, VIP, OASIS, Etc.
  •     Manufacturer DTC, Recall Alerts and Warranties 
  •     Recommended Maintenance Menus and Service Contract Sales
  •     DTCs

And, with one click,VIN, odometer, and other information populate in the RO. Our system frees up on average 12 hours per month per advisor. Use this extra time to fully engage customers on their service needs or process more vehicles during rush times.

Improve Repair Order Speed and Efficiency

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