eAdvisor Installation/Training

Installing eAdvisor is Simple

We understand dealerships are busy and can’t afford system downtime. So, when we designed eAdvisor, we wanted to make installation as non-disruptive as possible.

 eAdvisor utilizes our own Wi-Fi network, so installation, including training, is easy and only takes two business days on average. We’ll send our installation expert to your location to certify all functions of the system and train advisors on the features of eAdvisor. Once installation is complete, we will serve as your ongoing technology consultants to ensure your eAdvisor system is always working efficiently. Your advisors will also have full access to our online training library.

And because eAdvisor integrates with ANY Dealership Management System with no added fees, there is no need to train dealership employees on brand new processes. While there will always be a learning curve to new software, eAdvisor doesn’t replace your DMS, it only complements it. 


We strive to keep our services and products affordable. On average, dealerships see a return on their installation fee in less than three months– some advisors have sold enough additional maintenance the first day to cover the first month fee!

eAdvisor Installation/Training

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