eAdvisor Installation/Training

Installing eAdvisor is Simple

We understand dealerships are busy and can’t afford system downtime. So, when we designed eAdvisor, we wanted to make installation as non-disruptive as possible.

Installing eAdvisor is easy and generally takes 2-3 days. We’ll send our fixed ops expert to your location to certify all functions of the system and to train your advisors on eAdvisor and the Consistently Correct Check-in process. Once installation is complete, we will serve as your ongoing process consultants to ensure your eAdvisor system continues to drive hours/RO, speed and efficiency, great CSI scores and customer retention.

eAdvisor was not designed to replace the DMS your advisors already know how to use. We simply augment the system to give advisors the tools to work with customers in order to make sales. Great CSI and retention are a byproduct. Best of all, our system works with any DMS with NO integration fees.


We strive to keep our services and products affordable. On average, clients see a return on their investment after only 2 months! Many advisors sell enough additional maintenance on the first day to pay for the first month’s service fee!

eAdvisor Installation/Training