Top 7 Tips to Streamline Processes and Boost Revenue for Dealerships

Having the right technology in place at your dealership impacts your efficiency and revenue stream. We put together our top 7 tips to streamline your processes, boost revenue, and retain happy customers.

5 Ways to Drive Service Lane Profits

If your service department isn’t meeting expectations or hitting RO, CSI and customer retention targets, it may be time for a change. Service Lane eAdvisor automates service lane processes, so advisors can focus on engaging customers, getting them back on the road quickly and meeting the necessary metrics to increase dealership profits.

Consistently Correct Check-In and Check-Out Process

If your Customer Satisfaction numbers aren’t where you want them to be or are on the decline, you may want to take a look at your service lane check-in and check-out processes. Customers want a predictable service lane experience. The eAdvisor consistently correct check-in and check-out process ensures customer contact points are solid and repeatable.

3 Tips to Improve Your Service Advisors’ Performance

Declining warranty and maintenance sales can be warning signs that your service advisors aren’t getting the job done or managing your customers’ expectations. If you’re service advisors aren’t reaching their objectives, here are some important tips to help improve their performance

Calculate your eAdvisor Return on Investment

eAdvisor can help you generate more service profits. We help dealerships improve Hours/RO, Customer Retention, Customer Satisfaction and service lane speed and efficiency. See how quickly you’ll recoup your investment in eAdvisor’s patented technology!