Tablets have monumental benefits for all kinds of personal uses, but they are not built for business: they are great for surfing the internet and checking email. But, try to type with one. Over the last few years, tablets have exploded onto the service lane scene. But the jury’s still out on whether tablets improve service lane processes. Of course, they’re more efficient than the good ol’ clipboard and pencil, but they do present added challenges during the service lane check-in process. Here’s all you need to know about tablets… and their downsides. 

A Tablet System is Expensive 

Though dealerships that buy a large number of tablets will get a price break, depending on the brand, the costs can quickly add up. However, no matter the tablet brand, the cost of repair and maintenance can be just as significant. Also, employee training costs can be a huge expense. Worse yet, is when advisors toss them aside after a couple of weeks.

Change Can be Painful 

The introduction of tablets to your service write-up process can cause some employees, particularly those less familiar with digital devices, to become frustrated. And, as most businesses know, transitions are rough and can present many unanticipated problems. 

Poor Presentation 

Service advisors who are slumped over a mobile device while interacting with a customer is off-putting. This also means less eye contact and unattractive body language. A bad first impression sets a negative tone for the rest of the customer experience.

Ignoring the Customer 

No matter how great we think we are at multitasking, science has proven that the human brain can’t do it effectively. And, even if it appears like we are multitasking, productivity suffers. Service advisors are likely to dismiss customers, forget to ask important questions, or perform the multi-point inspection without engaging with them at all. 

Tablets are Less Efficient 

Tablets increase the time it takes to check in customers. This results in missed upsell opportunities. 

Virus, virus, virus!

Need we say more? COVID-19 introduced a need for additional safety procedures – a tablet may not be the best device in this new norm.

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