You likely already know that selling tires is a good way to increase both customer satisfaction  and your overall revenue, but do you know how to make the process easier and more profitable? There are two components to making tire sales quick and straightforward: “Seeing is believing” and “Showing is selling”. Customers must literally “see” their need for new tires and then receive a sales solution that’s tailored to their specific vehicle. One of the best ways to do that is with an eAdvisor customized service report.

Seeing is Believing. Showing is Selling.

The eAdvisor consistently correct vehicle check-in process affords service advisors an opportunity to collaboratively point out areas of concern with their customers in real time, as they perform the vehicle walk around.  While eAdvisor’s scan tool wirelessly transmits important vehicle specific information, the service advisor can identify and point out other potential issues to the customer like cracked windshields, frayed wiper blades or… Seriously worn tires.  Remember, Seeing is Believing! 

Increase Sales with Vehicle-Specific Tire Reports

Once you’ve completed your vehicle walk-around, it’s back to the work station where your service report has been printed and is awaiting your review with the customer.  In addition to identifying any vehicle specific, mileage related, maintenance recommendations or factory recalls; if you’re using eAdvisor to its full benefit, you’ll have auto-populated vehicle specific “good, better, best” tire options for your client’s review. Good… Solid, affordable tire options, paired with Better… Higher mileage tire options and including Best… Performance focused tire options should be presented.  

Bettering Your Business

Having your service advisors leverage the eAdvisor scan tool and process by adding and consistently presenting vehicle specific, Good, Better Best tire options from your service report will help increase tire sales and boost your fixed operations profits.  For the most complete and reliable vehicle check-in information, you need a state-of-the-art system like eAdvisor’s. We’ve perfected a technological system that integrates with your existing system to completely optimize your service lane. With incredible tools like the scan tool, which generates detailed vehicle reports simply by being plugged into the vehicle, the eAdvisor is too valuable to pass up.Reach out to our team for more information!