It might sound obvious and even redundant, but don’t overlook your service lane and your fixed operations as a source of significant profit.According to the NADA, on average, fixed operations account for 12.4% of a dealership’s total sales and more than 50% of a dealership’s total gross profit! Both numbers have risen year over year and, even if it seems like you’re doing plenty to capitalize on your service lane, there is always more you can do to optimize its performance.

Focus on Customer Relationships

Service advisors have the chance to really “wow” customers and build trust, but are your advisors able to take full advantage of that opportunity? For many, the answer is “no”.

Focusing on the proper execution of repair and maintenance orders, while understandable and important, can be a significant distraction for service advisors.  And, leave customers feeling orphaned; without the attention and care they need in order for your team to earn their loyalty.

With that in mind, your goal should be to implement a service lane process that enables your service advisors to do what must be done for the vehicle, while freeing-up service advisors’ to do what’s needed to strengthen customer relationships. Making the more technical parts of their job as easy as possible is a great way to enable them to do just that.

Emphasize Practicality Over Technology

It’s tempting to opt for the latest in technology to help “optimize” fixed operations processes, but sometimes “technology” can cause more harm than good. Using tablets for customer sign in and write-ups for example, is something that seems like a great use of technology. In practice however, it often takes attention away from the customer and centers it firmly on the device.  As service advisors scroll away, circle the customers’ vehicle and add data points like the VIN and odometer reading, their customers are left on the sidelines. Automating the write-up system is a smart option but finding the correct technology is the trick.

Invest in Smart Solutions

Investing in the “right” technology is the first step in getting more out of your service lane. When your service advisors have the necessary vehicle data quickly gathered and consistently delivered for them, they can be more efficient in their write-ups. This means they’ll have more time to spend with their customers and more time to consultatively present warranty, repair, and maintenance recommendations for their consideration. 

Service Lane eAdvisor automates vehicle data collection. The eAdvisor scan tool plugs into the vehicle’s OBD2 port and wirelessly transmits critical information to the Service Advisor’s work computer.  It takes less than ten seconds for the process to complete and requires absolutely no manual data entry. This, in turn, frees up time and attention for customer concerns and sales.

Don’t Miss Out

A few small changes could make a big difference. 

Make your service lane work harder for you. Go to eAdvisor to find more information about exactly how you can streamline your service lane and maximize its potential.