Running a profitable service lane has never been an easy task.  Over the past year, it’s been tougher than ever. Social distancing notwithstanding, customers should expect to receive a full-service experience at the dealership. But how do you maintain a cohesive customer relationship when customers are increasingly interested in online shopping and contactless service? Maintaining all aspects of a typical dealership service experience is challenging enough without customers tossing their keys from six-feet away.. Here are some solutions from eAdvisor.

Use a Smart Check-in Solution

One of the easiest ways to accommodate customers looking for a socially-distanced experience, is to have the critical vehicle information your service advisors need, like VIN, ODO and DTCs, automatically compiled and wirelessly transmitted to their work station. And at the same time, your advisor and customer can embark on a vehicle inspection “walk around” to identify any other vehicle needs (i.e., worn tires, worn wiper blades or cracked windshield). For best results, this process should be collaborative, comprehensive and accurate. 

Because so many customers are still keeping their distance from others, it might seem as though face-to-face vehicle inspections are a thing of the past. This is not the case! In fact, your check-in and vehicle inspection processes are more important than ever. When possible, it’s important to interact in-person while employing appropriate social distancing. It shows your commitment to customers and staff, and adhering to increased safety sensibilities, ultimately building customer loyalty. 

Automate Scheduled Maintenance Reports 

One area that tends to be missed is the presentation of scheduled maintenance at the time of write-up, which can boost sales.  If your key-tosser is out the door before you can say hello, let alone discuss scheduled maintenance, you can easily convey the information by emailing the vehicle’s vehicle identification number-specific and mileage-specific scheduled maintenance report.  

How can this be done quickly and easily? Service Lane eAdvisor can help.  eAdvisor expedites vehicle check-in the service lane and beyond.  Our patented technology allows the advisor to plug a device into the on-board diagnostics port of the vehicle, which sends vital data to software that’s installed on the advisor’s computer. The software then generates a VIN- and mileage-specific maintenance report with both original equipment manufacturer and dealer recommendations in three-mile intervals. With just a few mouse-clicks, the customer will receive this report whether he’s standing at the advisor’s desk or sitting in an armchair at home.  

Explore eAdvisor Service Lane

eAdvisor customers have reported great success with emailing scheduled maintenance reports. This method also works well with contactless night drops. 

Let’s take it a step further. Perhaps you would like your customer to be informed of scheduled vehicle maintenance during the appointment process?  eAdvisor can help with that, too. Service Lane eAdvisor is a proprietary system designed to increase service lane profits and customer satisfaction. Adapt to your service lane “key-tossers” easily, without losing sales in the process.  

Check out Service Lane eAdvisor for more information on how we can help improve your service lane business. You can even use the ROI calculator to see just how much we can help you.